Telecom Expense Management Solution

Business communications networks are expensive and hard to manage. Organizations that strive to cut down their telecom costs need to have clear visibility on telecom usage and expenditure before attempting to control it. This is possible only through an effective Telecommunications Expense Management solution. CommSouth provides Telecom Expense Management Solution with a difference.

Telecom Expense Management Solution helps to manage and streamline telecom expenditure, and to make huge savings in any organization. It is a comprehensive global TEM application encompassing the entire lifecycle of wireless, wire line, data and equipment assets, invoices, orders and the associated Business Intelligence to reduce expenses, automate processes. The solution reads your monthly telecom bills and reports irregularities.  

TEM would address (what must be your) five key telecom concerns regarding your Telecom Bills:
arrow.gif Is it Yours?
arrow.gif Is it Correct?
arrow.gif Is it Audited?
arrow.gif Is it Optimized?
arrow.gif What are you spending on Telecom? (Chances are you don't know)


arrow.gifThe software will process the uploaded invoices, audit and cross verify all the call detail records and alert you with the exceptions (billing errors).
arrow.gif The software will provide you with the pre & post approval modes for payment processing after audit. The disputes can be resolved with your Telecom Service Provider by using the automated in-built dispute management system.
arrow.gif The software will help you to optimize tariff plans and effectively manage wireless, wired lines, Data bills and telecom assets.
arrow.gif The software will serve as a central repository for all your telecom assets, invoices, reports and issue orders to the vendors/contractors.

Telecom Expense Management Client "12 percent to 20 percent of telecom charges are in error, and 85 percent of the errors are in the carrier's favor” “80% of enterprises will overspend on their wireless service costs by an average of 15% through 2014.”
Telecommunication Expense Management client “Enterprises forfeit 12 percent to 18 percent if they do not have a proactive approach to telecom cost management that leverages technology and process improvements.” “82% of manager’s state that ‘visibility & control’ is their top challenge in managing their overall telecom spends”
Telecom Expense Management
Outcomes of Implementing a TEM Program
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